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In 2019 I embarked on a collection of three novellas in the science fiction genre. This is a wonderfully broad literary category, and in the stories presented here I have been keen to demonstrate that variety.

Man Zero is a tribute to the classic noir fiction of masterpieces such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. With The Readers I have sought to contribute to the ghost story discipline rendered so well by great writers such as Shirley Jackson . Loss of Signal is both a tribute to the heroic astronauts and cosmonauts of the golden age of space travel, marked in 2019 by the 50th anniversary of man stepping foot on the Moon, as well as being a literary toe dipped in the water of futurism so masterfully captured by Arthur C. Clarke and his contemporaries.

As well as each novella being of the science fiction genre, the three stories presented here are connected by an over-arching theme exploring man’s place in the world, something H. E. Bates referred to as, “man in lonely conflict against the forces of existence and destiny.”

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