'U. N. Owan' is the pen name I used for my first novel, The Beekeeper of Patagonia (2014).

I was a counter terrorism police officer at the time of publishing. When seeking permission from the Metropolitan Police to have a business interest, I was advised that using my own name might have career limiting consequences; therefore, I adopted a pen name.

The Beekeeper of Patagonia

ISBN: 978-1-78407-524-8

At the age of seventy-five, Audrey Monkton, a respectable Welsh pensioner, steals a substantial amount of money from Nottswood Council, of which she is the mayor. Audrey flees to South America, specifically the Welsh settlement in Patagonia where she was born, and takes back ownership of her family farm.

Robert Fry, a forty-year-old British diplomat based at the embassy in Buenos Aires, has been on a path of self-destruction for many years. He hopes that a new posting back in London might help him rejuvenate his life. However, he is given one last task before leaving for London: to locate Audrey Monkton and the stolen money.

When Robert arrives in the remote region of Patagonia he finds that the task is not as simple as he expected, and Audrey is far from the frail little old lady he had imagined.